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Girl Emerging

Girl Emerging

Essie Openwaters Mystery Thriller


W. Michael Hewitt



Publish Date

October 24, 2022

Short Description

Eager to see a few sights along the northern California and Oregon coasts on her way to Richland, Washington, Essie doesn't realize the red pickup truck is following her. Nor does she realize that the man driving it, Griff Duncan, is a serial killer rapist who took notice of her when she was loading the car. Essie is now his target--a delicious target that he will take at the right time. No rushing with this one.

Essie is put to the test in the real world where demons come in all forms -- all with bad intentions. Will her first few days on her own be her last?


The Winner

Book's Awards


Girl Emerging is the first novel in the Essie Openwaters mystery thriller series. It follows Essie on her physical and mental journey from Stanford University where she just competed two PhDs, one in chemical engineering and one in earth sciences, to Richland, Washington where she will start her dream job as a research scientist. Brought up to trust no one by her Kootenai Indian father, Essie struggles to succeed in a national laboratory where being a team player is king. Unaware the man who initially stalked her as she drove toward Richland was setting a trap to kidnap, rape, and murder her, Essie finds herself facing death in a remote area. Share Essie's struggles as she fights for recognition and life.

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W. Michael Hewitt

W. Michael Hewitt


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