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Frontier Law

Frontier Law


Liam Robert Mullen


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Historical, Western

Publish Date

May 30, 2017

Short Description

A western set in Texas.


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Frontier Law follows the exploits of Texas Ranger Frank Sirocco when he rides into San Ysidro to investigate the murder of two colleagues. Up against a deadly band of killers, gunfighters and renegades, Sirocco will need all of his wits and guns to survive this one. Fortunately, help arrived from unexpected sources. A short extract is given below:
They had him dead to rights. There was no doubt they were going to kill him. Sirocco braced himself for the bullets. They said you never heard the one that killed you. All eyes were on the lawman.
Nobody was watching the padre. He suddenly screamed "no", and all eyes flicked in his direction. In the same moment the padre's hand flicked the holstered gun from Hendrick's holster, and he slid it along the polished bar towards the Ranger.
Sirocco didn't hesitate. He was already moving. His first shot blasted Pringle off his feet, the shock of the moment plastered all over the killer's face. Sirocco's second shot blasted the lanky gunman backwards as that man got off a shot, but his bullet was aimed at an empty spot. Sirocco was moving in a tight crouch and his shot was more measured, deliberate. It was delivered with deadly accuracy.

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen


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