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Forgive Us

Forgive Us

A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller


E.T. Gunnarsson


Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Fiction, Military / War

Publish Date

December 20, 2020

Short Description

"Thrilling, brutal, awesome, and completely unique." – Audible Reviewer


The debut book by E.T. Gunnarsson, a teenage sci-fi and fantasy author. Forgive Us has won several awards and is the second book in the Odemark series. Abandon Us, the first book in the series is scheduled for release in the first part of 2022.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


Three timelines. One dark future...


The Earth ended slowly, asphyxiated by man's drive for energy and silenced by fire and brimstone. Civilization is left in ruins. The inheritors are left to struggle to survive and reconquer a broken planet.


In 2099, mankind emerges from the darkness. A lone rider named Oliver journeys east, seeking civilization beyond the Rocky Mountains. Braving the toxic earth and poison air, Oliver must battle a horde of deadly mutants as he unites a band of refugees into the first nation of this new world...


In 2153, fledgling nations clash over land and resources. London, a veteran of the wasteland, struggles to protect his adopted daughter Rose as the world decays around them. But little does he know, both he and his adopted daughter will soon find themselves drawn into a coming war...


In 2184, Simon, a descendent of those who fled the earth, lives on the great Arcadis Station. A gifted technician, he works vigilantly against those who rule his society with an iron fist. In the shadows, he will be the difference between enslavement or liberty...


Fans of The Gunslinger and Mad Max will love Forgive Us. This epic novel takes readers on a post-apocalyptic thrill ride, spanning three generations of a ravaged earth…

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E.T. Gunnarsson

E.T. Gunnarsson


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