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For a slave

For a slave

Firokami's dreams


Svyatoslav Albireo


Erotic, Fiction, Psychological, Romance, Urban, Fantasy, Contemporary

Publish Date

March 8, 2019

Short Description

Firokami - a diamond City-State, it is not a city of equality - the law of the jungle, which the tiny capitalists of the world liked to whine about, works here ruthlessly, just as it should be in the jungle. The satiated riches took the poor, unlucky inhabitants or newcomers into sexual slavery. The city is divided into masters, slaves, and Coryphaeuses. The Coryphaeuses - the riches, who openly carry the City on their shoulders, all their property and all their capital belonged to the City, but they were entitled to all support of Firokami.
Once, with Alon, who had suffered in the slavery of insane masters since his childhood, the lover of the Coryphaeus falls in love and changes the rich life to the life of a slave among the poorer masters.


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A handsome and strong man - Elon - he attracts attention wherever he is. The embodiment of erotic fantasies, skilled in love for every taste. And who cares that he's empty inside. A weak-willed slave who dreams of getting old as soon as possible in order to get the cherished freedom.

Is his life a hell? It is unlikely, because he does not have desires, the loss of which leads to despair. This is just life and someday it will end. His life is Ad*, a wayward handsome boy who so easily agrees to give up his own freedom. Elon begins to understand something when, having met him, he got desires.

Ad - in Russian means hell

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Svyatoslav Albireo

Svyatoslav Albireo


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