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Fluffy's Christmas Gift

Fluffy's Christmas Gift


Charles W. Page MD


Children's Books

Publish Date

November 19, 2022

Short Description

What if Christmas tree ornaments could tell their story?


Fluffy, a handmade tree ornament dreams about hanging by the tree star. On his journey up the tree, the snowman faces many obstacles. When he finally gets to the top of the tree, the broken ornament learns new things about himself, others, and the baby in the manger.


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Come and experience the holiday season through the eyes of a Christmas tree ornament named Fluffy.


Fluffy, a handmade ornament, wants to rise to the tree top by the shining star. Along the way the snowman face many setbacks.

  • hurtful words and criticism
  • loneliness, fear, and disappointment
  • pain from being broken apart

In this inspirational holiday picture book for kids, you and your little one will learn:


  • How faith sees opportunities in life's obstacles
  • How setbacks can work out for a higher purpose
  • How to put criticism and bullies in perspective
  • How to experience courage in life's difficulties

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Charles W. Page MD

Charles W. Page MD


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