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Charles W. Page MD

About The Author

Courage in Small Doses:


I'm Dr. Chuck, the best guy to see on the worst day of your life. Our books, videos, interviews, and devotions are geared to give hope, faith, and courage in small doses. Everyone faces life challenges. We aim to help you see opportunities in life's obstacles by giving inspirational stories and talks.


Walking with people in their most challenging moments has motivated me to start the Spoonful of Courage book series. The first two in this series are:

  • A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering

  • Spoonful of Courage Equations to Find Grace in Life's Challenges

I also write children's picture books (I'm a father of five children), the two most recent being:

  • Climbing the Upside Down Tree: An African Tale of Adventure, Courage and Unconditional Love

  • Fluffy's Christmas Gift

I'm also the host of Spoonful of Courage TV where we interview experts, authors, and everyday people sharing their life experiences.


You can register for updates by texting spoonful to 66866


You can watch and follow our You Tube channel here:


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Charles W. Page MD


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Short Stories by the Author

Fluffy's Christmas Gift

Fluffy's Christmas Gift

The fresh smell of cinnamon filled the air as red powder settled on the cotton balls. The ornament trembled while a tickling chill passed through its fluffy white fibers onto its cardboard body. The feeling moved up its wooden spine rattling the snowman’s bottle-top hat. The snowman’s eyes jiggled and then gazed into the face of a freckled, red-haired boy.

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Books by the Author

Climbing The Upside Down Tree
Spoonful of Courage
Fluffy's Christmas Gift
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