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Fighting Back

Fighting Back

Book 5 of Fighting For Love series


Marysol James


Fiction, Erotic, Romance

Publish Date

December 20, 2015

Short Description

MMA fighters


The Winner

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This is the last book in the ‘Fighting For Love’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, not at first, and the HEA’s don’t come easy for anyone.

Mia Ferris and Nick Spencer are struggling to get Nick back on two feet after him losing part of his left leg to amputation – then they struggle to reclaim their relationship, outside of the bedroom and inside of it. If they can stick together and talk to each other, they may have a chance at making it… but will Nick let Mia see him so vulnerable?

Katie Lloyd and Adam Pierce are struggling to get pregnant – then they struggle with the knowledge that Katie’s abusive childhood has quite probably stolen that dream away from them. Adam wants to be a father more than anything on earth, and if Katie can’t give him that, will they be able to stay together?

Reena MacKay and Mitchell Corrigan are delighted that the trial is over – but now they’re struggling to allocate the two million dollars that Reena has received in the court judgment. As she discovers, there’s no shortage of women and children who need that kind of support. She has some hard decisions to make… and if she chooses well, she can really help to change lives.

Maggie Branson is still struggling with the death of her mother, and Joe Carlisle has made it his life’s mission to pull her through this dark time. God knows, Joe has lots to make up to Maggie… yes, he cheated on her years ago, but he insists that he’s a new man. But is it true that once someone’s a cheater, they’re always a cheater? Or is Joe truly committed to Maggie – all the way?

Eight individuals, four couples, and far, far too many emotions, dramas and problems. With this much that can go wrong, can anything be expected to go right? With this much strife, can anybody truly expect an HEA?

Oh, hell, yeah. Yeah, they can.

If they’re willing to fight for one.

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Marysol James

Marysol James


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