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Fault Line

Fault Line


T. L. Scott


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Drama, Military / War, Police / Detective, Thriller, Crime

Publish Date

February 27, 2018

Short Description

A US Army Special Operation soldier has come home for his little sisters wedding only to discover a gang has invaded his home town.

The gang picked the wrong town.

The action never stops as they battle for the life of this American town.


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Bill has come home for his sister's wedding. He brought his Army Buddies with him for some well-deserved R&R from the war. They are relaxing at a cafe' trying to soak up the relaxing atmosphere of small-town America when a gunshot shatters the tranquility. A madman has forced a woman onto her knees in the middle of Main Street. When he brings the barrel of his rifle down to within inches of the beautiful woman's face Bill and his friends are forced into action.


A gang has invaded Bill Thompson's hometown. They chose the wrong town. Bill and his friends team up with local law enforcement and a team of FBI Agents that have been tracking this gang. Together they battle for the life of this small American town.


The gang could not have become so embedded without help. Someone in a position of authority had to have crossed the line- the Fault Line.

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T. L. Scott

T. L. Scott


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