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Family Again

Family Again

Book of Origins, Volume Two


Alyse Nennig


Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Paranormal and Supernatural, Suspense

Publish Date

December 26, 2022

Short Description

Upon discovering there's a cure for vampirism, Hannah and John immediately seek out the last ingredient to make it. When the First Vampire intervenes, Hannah becomes his captive and quickly learns the Book of Origins secrets may only be one side of the story.


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All vampires once had love, had family.

Who says they can’t have them again?


Two weeks ago, Hannah Jacob's life was considered normal for a vampire hunter. She was single by choice, turning twenty-five years old, worked part-time as a librarian, was an excellent field agent for the Council - a secret government agency tasked with controlling the vampire population - and had amazing friends who doubled as her family. Fast forward to the present and her life could be an original Brothers Grimm fairy tale.


Destined by prophecy yet begot by love, Hannah's now married to blood-born vampire John Trott and magically pregnant with his child. On top of that her supposed-to-be-dead mother is a vampire, she's having vivid dreams of someone else's past, and she is being held hostage by Vlad - the First Vampire, a creature she should view as the epitome of pure evil but instead believes is a tortured soul who would never hurt her.


Reminded on the first day of her beauty-and-the-beast-like captivity that there are two sides to every story, Hannah begins to question the Council's side regarding Vlad. Soon after she has another dream and inadvertently discovers she's not the only one keeping prophetic secrets. His dark Majesty is harboring painful revelations too, ones that speak to his true character and hold the power to reunite all of their family.


But a true family they will never be...

if all have unforgiving hearts.

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Alyse Nennig

Alyse Nennig


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