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Fall of Man

Fall of Man

Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles


Chad Lehrmann


Teen and Young Adult, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

December 16, 2021

Short Description

All Hell has broken loose. Literally. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride to ruin, Lucifer is ascendant, and Sawyer Shepherd must embrace his role as the leader of the resistance. But at what cost?


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They say it is darkest before the dawn.  But what if the dawn never comes?

McLellan, Texas is a gaping firepit of doom, a gateway into the world for demons and monsters of all shapes and sizes.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are unleashing plagues, famine, violence, and death all over the world.  Humans are turning to fear and hate and the baser aspects of humanity.

A fully empowered Lucifer has just named himself the god of the world.

And Sawyer Shepherd has been marked for death.


The young hero survived an encounter with the Horseman of Death, only to be given a death sentence.  With Lucifer rising to power, Sawyer must fully embrace his role as the leader of the resistance to the devil's new world order.  But the cost will be great.  Can he save the day and his life at the same time?

In the penultimate novel of the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles, Sawyer and his girlfriend Mandy, together with friends Eli, Natalie, and Landon band together for what is looking like a final run at the ultimate big bad of their story.  There are moments of joy, realization, and sorrow laying ahead for the heroes- and an ending that will shake up their world before heading into the final stretch of their battle against the ultimate evil.  Not everyone will survive this one, folks.

It is time for Sawyer Shepherd to become who he was meant to be.

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Chad Lehrmann

Chad Lehrmann


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