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Faith Journey of Abraham

Faith Journey of Abraham

Genesis 12-25


Dr Andrew C S Koh


Nonfiction, Education, How To

Publish Date

May 18, 2022

Short Description

A Christ-centred, life-changing, Expository Commentary, Daily Devotion, and Bible Study Guide, on Genesis, the first book of the Bible, from chapters 12 to 25 An easy to understand expository commentary for you to understand and apply biblical truths to contemporary living. A continuation of Biblical Commentaries that I wrote during the pandemic of 2020-2022. A book to change, correct, convict, deepen, transform, mature, enrich, teach, and bless you. A book to help you to encounter God through the Word of eternal life. A book to be read, reread, study, explore, and meditate upon devotionally.


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This was educational and entertaining to read and learn about the life of Abraham. Dr. Koh works very hard to make the gospels and individuals come to life in a down-to-earth and entertaining way that is very refreshing, Rowan E Creech, Goodreads, Bookbub, 5 out of 5 stars


The communication between God and his people is remarkable and translated by the author exactly as written. This account of faith shows the awesome power of God. The author always lines up scripture with his works. So you can be sure you are studying the Word of God. Come study the route Abraham takes in his life. You won’t be disappointed, Tiffany Townsends, Goodreads, 5 out of 5 stars The author is one of my favorites. The works by Dr. Koh line up with scripture and his format is easy to follow and learn from. The thing I liked most about this story is easy to understand format and the miracle of God’s intervention, Tiffany Townsends, Bookbub, 5 out of 5 stars


A Great book on the Bible study of chapters 12 to 25 on the Genesis of the life and faith journey of Abraham the father of faith. It is easy to read and understand and is good study material for all ages. Beautiful prayers accompany each chapter. A great faith builder and a well-written book for daily use. I am on the ARC team and I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, J Sharmani,


Bookbub and Good reads, 5 out of 5 stars A Great study on Genesis in chapters 12 to 25 of the Bible on the life and faith journey of Abraham, the father of the faith. This book is easy to understand and mediated the Greatness of God in giving Abraham the faith and making him and his descendants the inheritors of God’s main tribe on this earth. This book is a great faith builder too. I am on the ARC team and I leave an honest review. I recommend this book to other readers, Goodreads, 5 out of 5 stars

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Dr Andrew C S Koh

Dr Andrew C S Koh


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