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Face of Fear

Face of Fear

Book 1 in the Wisconsin Noir Series


C. Marry Hultman


Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

August 13, 2020

Short Description

Racine, Wisconsin, the 1950s.

When several mutilated bodies of thugs are found in a parking structure downtown, Detective Garfield Teague suspects that it is something other than a drop off gone wrong. His suspicions are confirmed when details arise regarding a sword- wielding vigilante seemingly with the same objective as the police; finding the clandestine criminal organization known as The Black Diamond. With every lead a dead end, and each clue creating a more sinister tableau, Teague must ask himself two questions. Who is flooding the streets with cocaine, and who stalks the night wearing terrifying mask of fear?


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Set in Wisconsin in the 1950s Face of Fear tells the story of Tony Hill. The son of a cultural attaché who is trained by his adopted Balinese father in the ways of a warrior. Years later he decides to right the wrongs in the harbor town where he works as a news caster.

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C. Marry Hultman

C. Marry Hultman


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