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Eye of power

Eye of power


Svyatoslav Albireo


Fiction, Romance, Satire Fiction, Urban, Women, Medical, Psychological, Contemporary, Drama

Publish Date

May 3, 2019

Short Description

Do you consider that there is some predetermination, a destiny? And what to do if you don't like your destiny? If to reconcile - that for what? For what do you lead that life which you can throw out without sorry? What is a man and what is a woman? How to distinguish them from each other? And what is a family? And if you can answer this question can you answer a question then "why are they a family?". Is it the same what you have in your life, and what you want to have? And if it is not, then why? Is it now because you believe what the Eye of power knows better than you?


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A novel-reflection "Eye of Power". The woman, with an intractable deformity, left for the village to hide from the big life. She lives there with simple worries, meets and makes friends with her neighbor. Now she has someone to talk to. But a banal thing is a banal one because it is repeated constantly - you cannot escape your fate. And one day the fate is knocking at her door. She falls in love, immediately, as it should be, when it comes to fate. But what if the mirror and society prove over and over again that happiness is not for you?

The village, which is chosen as the background of the story, although it does not have a name, tells its confession, through the reflections of one of the heroes, this story of a completely real village is. The main plot and the main characters of the book are the result of comprehending many years of work with the problem of self-acceptance, - and real memories and actual events - all the stories in the book and the people mentioned are real, - are called, in their symbiosis, to contrastly show that what is accepted for the ordinary, often frightens, if you look more closely and vice versa, what seems abnormal, unnatural, unusual, with the same attentive look, turns out to be quite ordinary.

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Svyatoslav Albireo

Svyatoslav Albireo


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