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Elephants In My Room

Elephants In My Room


Christie Nicholls


Humor, Biography / Memoir, Family and Relationships

Publish Date

November 26, 2019

Short Description

From comedian Christie Nicholls comes a sidesplitting, spirited and whip-smart collection of laugh-out-loud (when you’re not crying) autobiographic essays. In Elephants In My Room, Nicholls mines her past for honest if not humiliating stories of her formative years, her family, jobs and romantic relationships that are at once extraordinary and absurd. Whether she’s walking a dog for Bougie Buddhists in Brentwood, or navigating the terrain of Iceland in a car she doesn’t know how to drive, or sleeping in a hammock all summer long, deep in the Brazilian rainforest with a bilingual German Shepard by her side, Christie finds humor and heart in the most outrageous and routine.

Sometimes foul, always funny, and as sharp as a tack, Elephants In My Room reminds you why Christie Nicholls will one day be one of our generation’s favorite leading ladies, maybe. Or, she’ll move to New Zealand and shear sheep. Who knows.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


"Life's lessons come through loud and clear in this delightful collection of 17 expressive, pointed, and humorous essays of the author's life experiences."

- BlueInk Review


"Comedian Nicholls's effervescent debut memoir recounts family shenanigans, adventures abroad, and other entertaining and embarrassing experiences with a mix of humor and humility. This laugh-out-loud collection of anecdotes will delight any fan of funny and heartfelt memoirs."

- BookLife Reviews


"In the introduction to ELEPHANTS IN MY ROOM, Nicholls writes, "Why read this book? It's funny and honest." It is Nicholls's honesty that underpins and elevates her wit, tenderness and social observation. She is funny, she is honest and she's delightful to read."

- Ellen Graham for IndieReader


"Get ready to laugh, because here comes a bitingly funny collection from Christie Nicholls - stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Highly recommended!"

- Chanticleer Reviews


"Driven by its faith in the transformative power of humor, Elephants in my Room is a lighthearted personal romp."

- Clarion Foreword Reviews

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Christie Nicholls

Christie Nicholls


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