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Edge Of Friendship

Edge Of Friendship

Office Romance Book 2 The MacBains


Nan Dixon


Contemporary, Romance

Publish Date

May 23, 2022

Short Description

A kiss cam jumpstarts a grieving executive's healing. But addicition has hurt the woman he falls for. Can she trust her heart to an alcoholic?


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The Winner

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It started with a Kiss Cam.
Michael MacBain
, a grieving CFO, must focus on staying sober. But with his family tiptoeing around him like he's broken, he needs a friend. He hopes he found one.
Liz Carlson, a financially struggling MacBain employee, is appalled she kissed the CFO at a baseball game. It was wrong. But even though she's worried about risking her job, she agrees to be Michael's friend. Liz knows the damage addiction can wreck on a family.
The sparks that ignited during the kiss explode and Michael and Liz cross the line of friendship. But he stumbles with his sobriety.
Can she entrust her heart to an addict?

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Nan Dixon

Nan Dixon


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