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Arjay Lewis


Fiction, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural, Mythological, Thriller

Publish Date

June 24, 2023

Short Description

Stories of the undead. A formidable man of legend. Can one young reporter track down the truth before he ends up six feet under?


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He never believed nightmares were real. Until his search led him deep into the darkness…

Joshua Bennet needs some answers. After growing up with impossible stories about the undead, the young African American journalist receives a large and unexpected inheritance after his father’s suspicious death. And so curious about his dad’s tall tales, he quits his hated newspaper job and sets off to unearth the terrifying truth.

Seeking the mysterious gravedigger at the center of all the hair-raising reports, Joshua travels to towns with monsters hidden in the shadows. And when he finally meets the aging man of legend, the former reporter finds himself swept up in a supernatural battle between good and evil.

Will his quest for closure lead to a beginning beyond his imagination?

Digger is a nail-biting standalone horror novel. If you like fascinating characters, fast-paced action, and bumping into dark creatures of the night, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’s spine-chilling adventure.

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Arjay Lewis

Arjay Lewis


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