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Desert Guardian

Desert Guardian


Andrew W Baldwin


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Thriller

Publish Date

December 13, 2018

Short Description

A moonshining hermit

A campus bookworm

A midnight murder


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The Winner

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Can an unlikely duo and a whitewater crew save themselves and an ancient Aztec battlefield from deadly looters?

Ethan’s world turns upside-down when he slips off the edge of red-rock cliffs into a world of twisting ravines and coveted artifacts. Saved by a mysterious desert recluse named Relic, Ethan must join a whitewater rafting group and make his way back to civilization. But someone in the gorge is killing to protect their illegal dig for ancient treasures... When Anya, the lead whitewater guide, is attacked, he must divert the killer into the dark canyon night, but his most deadly pursuer is not who he thinks... Ethan struggles to save his new friends, face his own mortality, and unravel the chilling murders. But when they flee the secluded canyon, a lethal hunter is hot on their trail…

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Andrew W Baldwin

Andrew W Baldwin


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