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Daily Gratitude Reflections Volume 2: 365 Inspirational Guides to Grateful Living (Paperback)

Daily Gratitude Reflections Volume 2: 365 Inspirational Guides to Grateful Living (Paperback)


Deborah L. Perdue


Nonfiction, How To, Self-Help, Guide

Publish Date

December 15, 2021

Short Description

Imagine having a source of daily inspiration to help you become a HAPPIER, more PEACEFUL, and more POSITIVE person!


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Practicing gratitude each day is well worth the effort. It is the power to transform negative thinking, limited perceptions, low vibration emotions (such as anger, depression, anxiety ), and how you experience life in general.


Peace, joy, and a brighter outlook are natural consequences of flowing gratitude.

Uncovering things to be grateful for, even in challenging moments, is a skill most of us need to be taught, and then we need to practice it. Most of us would benefit greatly from having a good example, a wise teacher, and a simple way to practice gratitude each day.


This book is such a guide.


Gratitude can be mastered, becomes a Super Power of sorts that can transform our perspective and worldview, resulting in more peace and joy and reducing stress.

Daily Gratitude Reflections is a gratitude devotional loaded with daily inspiration. It is a beautiful, easy read, filled with pearls of wisdom, powerful quotes, the author's personal reflections, and beautiful, inspiring full-color photos on each page. This gratitude devotional is a lovely guide to becoming happier, more positive, and peaceful, harnessing the power of living with a heart full of gratitude.

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Deborah L. Perdue

Deborah L. Perdue


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