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Crown Prince

Crown Prince

Book One of New Blood


W.D. Kilpack III


Fantasy, Fiction

Publish Date

June 30, 2019

Short Description

Natharr is Guardian of Maarihk, one of a long line of protectors dating back to the Firstborn Age, before the Aa Conquest. Natharr's is an ancient role, rooted in his Firstblood, giving him Sight to see what is yet to be. He adheres to his sacred duties even in the centuries since the Firstborn were forced to the brink of extinction by the Aa.


Natharr still stands guard over all men, Aa or Firstborn, Seeing what will come to pass, deciding what is unavoidable and what is not. He spends decades planning how to save the life of the newborn Crown Prince Vikari so he may one day reclaim the throne of the land where Mankind was created, back in the time when the Olde Gods still walked.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


2021 International Firebird Book Award Winner • 2022 The BookFest Award Winner


The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Will his Sight be true? Or will his impure Firstblood prove the ruin of us all?


Natharr is Guardian of Maarihk, one of a long line of protectors dating back to the Firstborn Age, before the Aa Conquest. Natharr's is an ancient role, rooted in his Firstblood, giving him Sight to see what is yet to be. He adheres to his sacred duties even in the centuries since the Firstborn were forced to the brink of extinction by the Aa.

Natharr still stands guard over all men, Aa or Firstborn, Seeing what will come to pass, deciding what is unavoidable and what is not. He spends decades planning how to save the life of the newborn Crown Prince Vikari so he may one day reclaim the throne of the land where Mankind was created, back in the time when the Olde Gods still walked.

Reviews of Crown Prince

• "I've been won over by Crown Prince! The world is deeply conceived. The prose is well crafted. The solemn, almost-inhuman Guardian/seer standing guard during a deadly siege as the young queen gives birth makes for a hell of a great start! That weightiness to his character was a key point of interest to me that comes across right from the opening pages, plunging right into the thick of it for a wonderful change of pace. Crown Prince is intriguing, grand, strange, and shadowed by ill-omens. It is Shakespearean." — Tom Mock, author of The Long Nights
• "A very good book ... [and] a very great read! Natharr is very much tested as he strives to save the life of newborn Crown Prince Vikari. This book reads wonderfully, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know the story. It is full of pulse-pounding adventure and also features great, extensive world-building! Definitely a recommend from me!” — Philip Chase, Ph.D., medievalist and author of The Way of Edan
• 5/5 Stars — "Author W.D. Kilpack III presents an atmospheric and immersive journey into a richly crafted fantasy world, balancing a strong character-led adventure with a wider web of plots, setting up a highly complex and enjoyable fantasy saga to follow. There’s a clear flair for character, dialogue, and attitude from the start, with Natharr's intense presence affecting all who encounter him and making for some really dynamic clashes. The weightiness of his responsibilities and the depth of the world-building immediately gripped my attention and, as the story unfolded, the way the characters’ attitudes and actions were shaped by the realism of the worldbuilding was totally compelling. This book delivers on every promise of pulse-pounding adventure — thanks to the swift pacing of the plot, coupled with dark storytelling, strong descriptive skills, and captivating character development that balances emotion with duty well. Overall, I would certainly recommend Crown Prince as an incredible opener to an exciting new fantasy series, and I’m all the more eager to continue exploring this fantastical realm." — K.C. Finn, USA Today best-selling author of The Book of Shade for Reader's Favorite
• 5/5 Stars — "The literary creator in his act of creationism. Such is W. D. Kilpack III in his intriguing invention of Crown Prince: Book One of New Blood. Intermingling real world matters of both realm and state, and legendary phenomena of ancient times, Kilpack builds a mythical epic of worlds within worlds, all suspended in time and universal fantastical realism. He has crafted an imaginative tale perfect for lovers of mysticism, magic, ancient battles, romance, and supernatural fantasy. Natharr, the Guardian of Maarihk, is one of the Firstbborn [with] abilities like the gift of prophetic Sight, and he [is] charged with protecting and preparing the newly born prince of the realm, Vikari, until he is ready to take his rightful place as heir to his father’s throne. Set in a richly imagined and described enigmatic world, the story explores themes of family, love, friendship, destiny, time, and power. Adventure and action keep the reader quickly turning the pages ... deliver[ing] a strong narrative of structure, character development, and world building, which smoothly paves the way for the next book in the series, Order Of Light, which I cannot wait to read. Crown Prince is a masterful example of original storytelling, a phenomenal literary creation!" — K.L. Davidson, author of Ten Thousand Fields (British Columbia, Canada)
• 4/4 Stars — "Crown Prince stands out with amazing descriptions, complex characters, and intriguing supernatural elements. Book one in the New Blood [Saga], the storyline is incredibly promising. The author has a flair for setting the scene and creating memorable characters. I absolutely loved the descriptive prowess of this author, the thing I enjoyed most about the book ... W. D. Kilpack III genuinely takes the time to help us immerse in the fantasy world, no matter if he describes a battle scene, a peaceful moment, or a mythological creature like a Hamadryad or a Manticore, he always manages to conjure the best images in our minds. The author does a great job of incorporating the supernatural elements in a general atmosphere of myth and legend ... there was nothing I disliked about this novel. I am rating Crown Prince 4 out of 4 stars ... fans of sword-and-sorcery fantasy will definitely find this novel a delightful read ... the series has the potential to acquire epic dimensions ... I am looking forward to reading the sequel, Order of Light." —
• 5/5 Stars — "I absolutely love Crown Prince! It is a very dark epic-fantasy story following a very intimate cast of characters. The way things unfold, you’re thrown into the thick of the action right from the beginning that sinks you in right. The way events unfold to the way characters come together, you cannot help but keep flipping the pages. By the end, I was so invested, I felt so intimate with these characters, that I had to find out what happens next, so I immediately ordered book two, Order of Light! It’s such a good story! It’s such a dark-but-good story, with very good character work, you get really close with these characters, and you can’t help but want to know what happens next!" — Usman, host of Bards and Books YouTube channel (British Columbia, Canada)
• 5/5 Stars — With the maps and appendix, "the characters' names, titles, and the names of fascinating places all conjured up by the mind of W. D. Kilpack III [helped] me better understand the intricate facets of this novel. Creating worlds and characters is not a easy, but the author did an excellent job. Crown Prince has everything you want: intertwining sword scenes, the battles of a war, kings, queens, knights, magic, fairies, love, sex, great beasts, and unthinkable dangers thatNatharr has to endure. Kilpack puts you in the middle as Vikari starts to grow and learn. So does Natharr for he begins to love the child as his own. Kilpack's ability to crystally describe a scene [was] like I was taking part in a meal or a sword fight. Crown Prince flowed smoothly and any fan of fantasy will rejoice [and] if you have never read a fantasy novel (like me), this one will get you hooked into the genre." — Jose F. Nodar, author of Books, Pens & Larceny (South Wales, Australia)
• 5/5 Stars — "Crown Prince is one of the most brilliant fantasy novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading and a book I am now obsessed with! Crown Prince is an incredible, thrilling and memorable story that will take its readers on a journey like no other. Crown Prince captivated me from the first page thanks to the book's sharp literature and strong opening ... [the author] is not only a phenomenal writer for his flawless ability to capture his reader's attention, but he is also a great writer for his descriptive powers and characterization of characters which will hook his readers! Crown Prince is a sensational, thrilling and addictive story that will thrill you as well as entertain you." —
• 5/5 Butterflies — "Crown Prince was such a delight to read! Normally, we don't see the child growing up ... or really get a chance to get attached to whoever raised him. This author took that trope, shook it up and turned it into something amazing! We get to see the heir as a baby, to see him grow up [and] develop that close bond a son has with his father. It's a really beautiful thing ... normally glazed over in this type of story ... but you get to see how strong their bond is. I'm so grateful! Something else I really enjoyed is how well Darshelle and Natharr played off each other. Often, they have deep conversations that involve a culture clash, where they may not agree with each other's perspective, but they are willing to try to understand. I [also] loved this author's world building, especially the magic forest and all the interesting creatures that live in it! The village of the cat-people was such a fun scene and so interesting showing the cat-people society and how it was different. It was really fun! If you don't grab yourself a copy of Crown Prince, you're doing yourself a huge disservice! It's a wonderful story and such a fun read!" — Madam Crystal Butterfly
• 5/5 Stars — "Kilpack delivers a stunning blow to the belief that Indie-Fantasy is worth any less that its salt. Crown Prince is a well-crafted epic with unique plot mechanisms, well-developed and believable characters, and a world grounded in the visceral and the real. I could not recommend this series any higher!" — Clay Vermulm, co-host of Sinister Soup Podcast
• 5/5 Stars — "A fantastic world of swords and magic! A very strong start to the series! W.D. Kilpack III does know how to draw a reader into a world of swords and magic. I found myself unable to put the book down, diving deeper into the fantastic world. I can say, that I am a fan of his work and will soon be reading Order of Light, the second book from the New Blood [Saga]." —
• 5/5 Stars — Crown Prince is "a great mix of fantasy and action and adventure! It kept me on my toes the whole time and I was completely hooked! The world building in this book is amazing. I could read 20 books in this world. The fight scenes and characters are amazing. They pull you in so deeply ... that I didn't want to stop reading way past when I should have!" — Jay.Rae.Reads
• 5/5 Stars — Crown Prince illustrates "the burden of knowledge and the responsibilities involved in being able to see the future. Natharr is a great hero: think Aragorn/Alanon/Teddy Roosevelt. He bears the burden of being Guardian of Maarihk with dignity but, at the same time, is human and has flaws, like having a bit of a temper. Darshelle is conflicted and a walking contradiction, being proud and strong, while still insecure and flawed. I love the world, where magic is more subtle, while there is another element that reminded me of Greek mythology, because the gods are real and took direct action in history. There is some violence, which seems to fit well within the framework of this world where epic fantasy and realism are intertwined." — Critic, Salt Lake City, UT
• 5/5 Stars — Crown Prince is "a fantastic tale filled with all things beautiful, dark, and magical! Filled with adventure and drama! The author's world is absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to read the next installment in the story!" — Cherumanalil (Bangalore, India)
• 4/4 Stars — Crown Prince is "an adventure full of thrilling moments [that] hook you right from page one. Each page has a new secret to unfold. This book made a mark on my mind and now I cam curious to read the other books in the series. I loved reading it and have rated it four stars. Books like these deserve the hype!" — Read With Emilee
• 5/5 Stars — "From the start you are drawn into a world of fantasy. With each page, you want more. The author gives the feel you are the character fighting for your life and those you defend. A great read, with the power to keep you from putting it down. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in something new, with a twist and feel of a classic fantasy!" — Tom Carr, author of Talking to Yourself in the Dark
• 4/4 Stars — Crown Prince is "an absolutely brilliant fantasy read ... [Kilpack created] a master introduction. The plot building was incredible. The journey sucks you in so much that you immediately want to carry on with the series. I'll definitely complete this series." — Twilight Reader (Wales)
• 4/4 Stars — "If you're looking for something new with a a twist of classic fantasy, this is for you. It amazes me that someone can create an entire world from scratch with everything that this involes. Character building is wonderful and the descriptions of what happens are good. It is very detailed, so you get immersed in the story. Lots of things happen in this book. [Crown Prince] is a good and strong start for a new series!" — June.Reads (London, England)
• 4/4 Stars — Crown Prince is "a lovely fantasy. Great read! Great characters! Writing style amazing! I loved this world. A new author I discovered and hope to read more from this author in the future!" — Rhianny DD Morris (South Wales, Australia)
• 4.7/5 Stars — Crown Prince "transported me into a world where life-and-death situations were commonplace and everyone had a cause to fight for! The distinction between the Firstborn and the Aa was fascinating [and] really got me hooked! The characters are fantastic, descriptions of battles draw in you and there's a shock in every chapter! I love fantasy books and I'll add this to my pile of highly recommended sagas!" — Books with Gina (England)
• 4.5/5 Stars — Crown Prince is like "watching a movie. The author has narrated ... in a very fluent and visual way. It is an adventurous and twisted novel that will always keep the reader wanting more. Every page is a new unfolding and a new mystery. The plot is exquisite and emphasizes important values like willpower, determination, and truth. A captivating read [especially] those in search of something abnormally smart!" — Reads.Nancy
• 4.5/5 Stars — "Crown Prince is one of the most fantastic fantasy books that I have read so far! The book is a blend of thrills, mystery, fun, excitement, and drama! It has got everything that a good book should have. The plot is unpredictable and twisted. So much is happening all at once, but the smooth narration takes care of it all." — Just Pratibha (India)
• 4/5 Stars — "A fantastic read! What a grand story in Crown Prince. I am very impressed with the writing and storytelling. Kilpack does a great job of building a world filled with princes, pasts that dictate the future. Kilpack details the scenes, filled with action, and brings the creatures to life! Crown Prince is filled with swords and sorcery, magic, myths and legends, that really bring it as believable. This author is a great storyteller. The story brings the reader on a superb journey. Who could ask for more when it's filled with magical/fantastical creatures and other interesting beings?" — Amy's Bookshelf
• "Once I got into [Crown Prince], I struggled to put it down! The world Kilpack has created is so detailed and imaginative you can't help but be drawn in. This book is a fantasy that give you war, knights, romance and hidden dangers. It covers it all! As the first in the series, it sets the scene brilliantly ... I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy books and fairytales!" — Kat Books Teas Cakes (UK)
• "I had the pleasure of reading Crown Prince and Kilpack — he makes maps, folks! — emphasizes detail. The characters are living real lives, even though it's a fantasy. It was well done! He built his world with great care and precision." — Ken Weene, Ph.D., co-host of the Let's Talk It Over videocast

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W.D. Kilpack III

W.D. Kilpack III


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