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A Summer Paranormal Romance Novella


Kathy-Lynn Cross


Fiction, Romance, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

February 24, 2019

Short Description

Jezza Shale's boyfriend, Anthony, has surprised her with a weekend getaway for two. But, after a lonely walk on the beach, followed by uncertain events, Jezza wakes up in the B & B with no memory of how. Is she dead? Kelvin Dayton, recently divorced, has invested in refurbishing a bed and breakfast. What he didn't count on was releasing Jezza's spirit and the jump-start reaction of his heart.


The Winner

Book's Awards


Her Sadness.
His disappointment.
Can they find a way to help each other even when death separates them?

Jezza Shale is on her way for a summer weekend getaway with her boyfriend. Upon arriving, at the Sandy Cove, she checks in and waits for him to arrive. He never shows. Torn between concern and rejection, she decides to take a walk on the beach which ends in disaster. Jezza wakes in the B & B with no idea how she got there, but what’s worse—she’s a spirit trapped in room 223. Leaving everyone wondering, was she murdered, or did she perish by her own hands?
Kelvin Dayton is a recent divorcee, has taken what’s left of his divorce settlement and invested it into a bed and breakfast on the west coast. Once he arrives, things start happening he can’t explain. Hearing the muffled cries of a female drifting from a second-floor room, he investigates and unknowingly releases Jezza’s spirit.
Able to roam the Sandy Cove, Jezza enjoys tormenting Kelvin, at least until he agrees to help her find out how she died. With each question they uncover, the answers start to bring them closer and ignite a passion neither can admit to.
Will the answers they discover, about her circumstances, be the key to their happily ever after or are both of them doomed to be, Crestfallen?

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Kathy-Lynn Cross

Kathy-Lynn Cross


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