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Boxes For Beds

Boxes For Beds


Maryann Miller



Publish Date

February 27, 2013

Short Description

Kidnapped babies.

A corrupt sheriff.

And no peace for Leslie Richards in Pine Hollow, Arkansas.


This historical mystery, set in 1961 when the mob ruled Hot Springs, Arkansas, puts Leslie in peril. When babies are being kidnapped in nearby Pine Hollow, the corrupt Sheriff Bates has to put this case to bed before the mob bosses come down from Chicago. They don't need the heat of a major crime investigation that could involve the feds.

Who is taking the babies? Is the current case connected to the disappearance of babies 25 years ago?

In a desperate move to solve the case before the FBI has to be called in, Bates arrests Leslie, the new woman in town, even though there's only thin circumstantial evidence against her. Better for it to be a stranger taking those babies and not one of their own.


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In March, 1961, Leslie Richards leaves New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, hoping to escape from her past and the ruins of a relationship with Ronald McKutchen. She chooses Pine Hollow, Arkansas because that's where her grandmother lived, and Leslie still has fond memories of visits there. At this point in her life, the thought of a quieter, simpler daily routine has tremendous appeal.


A moderately successful author of children's books, Leslie has the freedom of taking her job with her, even though her agent would prefer she stay in New York. In the quiet, rural countryside, Leslie anticipates a lifestyle that will satisfy her professional and personal needs.


What she doesn't anticipate is a series of apparent kidnappings and the narrow view of the local sheriff who has reasons of his own for trying to pin the kidnappings on her.


She also doesn't anticipate that Ronald will come all the way from New York in an attempt to win her back. Will he? Ten-year-old Mandy hopes that he will. She has loved him like the father she never had and doesn't understand those things that drive adults apart.


The stakes are raised when Leslie is arrested. Sheriff Bates bows to the pressure from the mob that controls Hot Springs and plans to close the kidnapping case before the Feds get involved. The bosses in Chicago want the case to go away, any way that has to happen.


Here is what readers of the e-book have had to say:

"If anyone who reads this buys up rights to turn books into screenplays, you need to check out Boxes For Beds. It has the makings of an excellent movie." Amazon Reviewer


"This was a very compelling story with some good twists. The strong female lead character was very believable. I couldn't wait to get back to it when I had to set it down." Amazon Reviewer

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Maryann Miller

Maryann Miller


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