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Bounty Hunter Nate Landry 1

Bounty Hunter Nate Landry 1

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Mark L Redmond


Fiction, Historical, Western, Action and Adventure, Religious

Publish Date

February 13, 2021

Short Description

After the Civil War ended, Nate Landry and his best friend Wolf returned to the Arizona Territory and became bounty hunters. When a distraught woman asks Nate to deliver a ransome and rescue her son from his kidnappers, he explains he's not the right man for the job. After he discovers the kidnapper is a cold-blooded murderer he and Wolf encountered during the war, he changes his mind. Somebody needs to stop Major Cambell and his two murdering henchmen. It will be a tough job, but Nate and Wolf are tough men.


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The Civil War has ended; and for the past few years, Nate Landry has earned a living by hunting down outlaws in the Arizona Territory. After dropping off two prisoners in Phoenix, Nate returns to his cabin to relax for a day or two. Inside his cabin, he discovers a lovely lady with a revolver and a job offer that won't allow Nate time for relaxation.


Anna Thomas watched three men murder her husband and kidnap her young son. Nate tries to convince her that he's the wrong man for the job, but then he learns the kidnapping murderers are men he and Wolf, his lifelong friend, encountered during the war.


Realizing the boy's life is in danger, Nate and Wolf hit the trail of the most evil man they've ever known. Rescuing the boy from Major Campbell and the Parson brothers won't be easy. It becomes even more difficult when Anna insists on riding with them.


Major Campbell and the Parson brothers are the kind of men who will accept the ransom money and then kill the Thomas boy as well as the folks who deliver the ransom. Campbell, however, doesn't know Nate and Wolf are making the delivery. When he learns their identity, bullets will fly.

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Mark L Redmond

Mark L Redmond


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