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Bounty Hunter Nate Landry

Bounty Hunter Nate Landry

Family Fury


Mark L Redmond


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Historical, Religious, Western

Publish Date

July 25, 2021

Short Description

When bounty hunters Nate Landry and Wolf pursue outlaw Luke Womack, they have very little trouble capturing him. The problem comes when his four outlaw brothers, all worse than Luke, decide to rescue him. Wolf compares meddling with the Womack brothers to "whacking a hornets' nest with a stick." These hornets have rifles and six-shooters instead of stingers, and they're coming at Nate and Wolf plenty angry!


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Nate and Wolf didn't have much trouble capturing Luke Womack and his two sidekicks. They turned the outlaws over to the town marshal at Wickenburg; and, since the town didn't have a jail yet, he chained the trio to the jail tree. With their trap baited and set, all Nate and Wolf have to do is sit back and wait to capture Luke's four brothers, all hardened criminals, when they come to rescue him.

The problem is, Nate and Wolf have no idea who will come when, or how many of the Womack brothers will show up at the same time. They do know Luke's brothers will be coming angry and ready to kill. They also know if they're going to survive the ordeal, they'd better be ready for whatever trouble the Womacks bring. It's more than likely that someone's going to die.

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Mark L Redmond

Mark L Redmond


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