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Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon


Terry Lloyd Vinson


Thriller, Military / War, Mystery, Fiction

Publish Date

May 1, 2021

Short Description

What price redemption? Air Force veteran Deron Barrow, alias TV war-movie host Ace Claymore, is fated to pay the highest possible fee imaginable.


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During the patriotic heyday of the cold war era, Deron Barrow gained a measure of fame portraying tough-as-nails war movie host Sergeant Ace Claymore, his fledgling television career soon derailed amid lurid details of a checkered, real-life military history.

Decades later and living in relative reclusion in a small Mississippi town, Barrow is approached by a pair of documentary filmmakers and offered the opportunity to separate fact from fiction regarding a pair of infamous tragedies; one at a remote Air Force base and the other an infamous hotel massacre at an iced-in Arkansas lodge, the question of Barrow’s status as either hero or villain left to interpretation.

As filming draws to a close, the many vengeful ghosts of Barrow’s bygone days fire a final, potentially fatal salvo, pressing the fictional Sergeant Claymore to the forefront once more, the actor behind the makeup forced to revisit life-or-death survival skills once reserved for a television soundstage.

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Terry Lloyd Vinson

Terry Lloyd Vinson


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