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Bloody Puzzle

Bloody Puzzle


Andrea Merchak


Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Police / Detective, Crime

Publish Date

March 8, 2020

Short Description

Daniel’s back, and he’s more evil than ever as he returns with a ‘killer’ new theme! And to add to the fun, you get to follow the clues that he leaves at each crime scene and try to unravel the BLOODY PUZZLE, along with the perplexed detectives hot on his trail.


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From the author of ‘CROWLEY’S CULT’ (a New Apple Book Awards OFFICIAL SELECTION!), and ‘BLOODY LEGENDS’.


Like 'Dexter' meets 'Zodiac' - but when Daniel comes for you, no one will hear you scream!

Daniel is back, and he’s more evil than EVER!

Oakville is in another panic! The most hideous serial killer the city has ever known has returned with a new theme.

The murders are more violent. The deaths are more gruesome. Where will it all end?

Follow the clues that Daniel leaves at each crime scene, and try to unravel the Bloody Puzzle along with the perplexed detectives hot on his trail.

Are you ready for an insane new spree of blood and gore?


The Bloody Series will be made up of three books, plus a prequel, each containing a stand-alone story with no major cliffhangers. However, since it is a series, for the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers this is the recommended order to read the stories in:

Bloody Origin – Prequel

Bloody Legends – Book 1

Bloody Puzzle – Book 2

Bloody Hunt – Book 3


WARNING: These stories contain extreme violence against people and animals, vulgar language, sex, and graphic murders.

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Andrea Merchak

Andrea Merchak


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