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Beyond The Door

Beyond The Door


Iona Morrison


Fiction, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

Publish Date

October 10, 2022

Short Description

An old journal and a touch of magic help solve a crime with roots beyond the door.


The Winner

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Peyton Reynolds has settled into a new dream job when a reoccurring dream of a murder sends her searching for answers. In her quest, with a bit of magical help, she stumbles across an old diary from the year 1845, which she shares with her boyfriend Jaxon Kincaid. Jaxon Kincaid, a new FBI Agent and Peyton's love interest, will find himself at the heart of the case and try to keep Peyton grounded with his logical method of working through an investigation. But his world will soon be rocked by a dream or two and a sudden inheritance he wasn't expecting. Together they will solve an ongoing crime with deep roots in Irish legend, and voices silenced for generations will be heard when the invisible becomes visible beyond the door.

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Iona Morrison

Iona Morrison


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