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Beet Life

Beet Life

A Health & Lifestyle Guide To Show Your Life Who's Boss By: Your Girl @Beets_By_Beth: Beth Gethard


Tyler Holme


Women, Satire Fiction, Humor Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction

Publish Date

September 8, 2021

Short Description

Beet Life is an absurdly funny satire of health & lifestyle culture and social media influencers full of life advice you probably shouldn't follow!


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Beet Life is an absurd satire of health & lifestyle culture and social media influencers written by Tyler Holme from the perspective of a fictional health & lifestyle blogger known on Instagram as @beets_by_beth.


After receiving over 100 followers on Instagram, Beth has decided to do what every extremely successful social media influencer does when they amass a huge following: write a self-help book full of unsolicited life advice for whoever will read it!


Life isn’t always easy. However, Beth has been doing GREAT at it recently. In this book, Beth offers you - her loyal #beetbabes - sage wisdom and guidance so that you can find the best version of yourself and be more like her! You will learn how to effectively improve your name to fit your true personality, how to identify which of your friends may be a sneaky snake out to sabotage you, the perfect amount of revenge to seek on a recent ex, and ultimately how to Beet Life. The book also features full-color photos of Beth (and her Domestic Lover Greg), illustrations by Beth, and some of Beth's favorite beet-based recipes.

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Tyler Holme

Tyler Holme


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