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Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

A Dust to Diamonds Novel - Book One


Sheley Rayne


Teen and Young Adult, Horror, Apocalyptic, Action and Adventure, Paranormal and Supernatural, Thriller

Publish Date

September 24, 2023

Short Description

Ashes to Ashes is book one of the Dust to Diamonds Series, an edgy YA apocalyptic-horror six-book series. When the boundaries between good and evil, love and hate, and freedom and captivity are blurred, six scarred teens discover there’s a big difference between being human and being humane. In Ashes to Ashes, book one, fate and destiny supersede free will when the Banished become pawns in a war between two fallen eternals. The souls of mankind have been imprisoned in the Deep, leaving the world altered, full of traps, and full of cannibalistic creatures. Manipulated by principalities and powers beyond their grasp, the Banished are appointed to save the human race. Their biggest challenge? To conquer the demons within, not the demons who chase.


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The Seize has steeped the Earth in ash and imprisoned the souls of all humankind in the Deep, leaving a colorless world behind, where the boundaries between good and evil, love and hate, freedom and captivity are blurred. For Deuce, a self-proclaimed piece of shit and loner, being a recluse in an empty world is not all it’s cracked up to be. Against his own self-loathing, he becomes the reluctant leader of five banished survivors. Like him, they are mentally and physically scarred and have no idea how to play nicely with others. Plunged into a horrific world, where the best they can do is choose between nightmares, they fall victim to man-eating cornfields and transporters that turn their bodies inside out, flinging them through alternated dimensions. Attacked by Vacants, Trolls, Gargoyles, and Suffering Demons, nothing compares to being pawns in a perpetual war between two Eternals. To save the souls of humankind, the Banished must drop the masks they are hiding behind and decide if there is a difference between being human and being humane.

The biggest challenge they face… to conquer the demons within, not the demons that chase.

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Sheley Rayne

Sheley Rayne


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