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Annoure and the Dragon Ships

Annoure and the Dragon Ships


Heidi Skarie


Fiction, Historical

Publish Date

December 14, 2015

Short Description

Captured into slavery, Annoure fights for her freedom. . .


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Annoure, a young Saxon noblewoman abducted during a Viking raid, is thrust into the world of the Norsemen. Her handsome captor, Thorstein, becomes her protector, but a dispute between Thorstein and another warrior escalates into violence. This sparks a family feud. Eventually Thorstein’s enemies tear Annoure away from him.

The epic saga that follows calls upon Annoure’s courage and Druid training as she struggles to endure a dangerous expedition across foreign seas and lands. Meanwhile, deadly battles challenge Thorstein’s skills and strain a lifelong friendship. He risks all in his search for Annoure, striving to win her freedom—and ultimately her love.

Will Annoure’s inner strength and courage allow her to survive her ordeal and be reunited with Thorstein?

This sweeping adventure begins in 794 A.D. with the second Viking raid on Saxon England then takes the reader to Norway and the steeps of Asia. It’s bursting with violence, vengeance, redemption and love. If you enjoy exciting historical novels with strong heroes and heroines, then you’ll love Heidi Skarie’s thrilling saga.

Buy Annoure and the Dragon Ships today to join Annoure’s struggle for freedom!

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Heidi Skarie

Heidi Skarie


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