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The Ian Ridgefield Story


John Henley


Fiction, Military / War, Thriller, Political thriller

Publish Date

March 31, 2021

Short Description

Ian Ridgefield thought he was done with the military. He had completed more than he ever expected and did it at a level few will ever reach. Back home and taking care of his mother, even if she didn't ask for it, while quickly moving up the corporate ladder, his days of being a door kicker and dealing with sand rubbing his skin raw were further and further away.


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When Washington D.C. turns into a proverbial hellhole, the Pentagon razed to the ground, within a matter of seconds, he is presented with a request that he isn't sure he wants to accept. This decision is even more difficult to make when a woman he hadn't thought about for more than a decade has entered his life and keeping it more than a little interesting.

Ian's code of moral justice may land him into legal trouble and the stand he makes to save the life of one while taking others, is difficult to offset for the community he lives in but can they agree to overlook it? When two people with more money and legal power than any duo in the country are willing to help ensure he stays on the outside of the Tombs in New York City it is a reality he has a difficult time accepting.

Will Ian, finally, find peace in life and chemistry with the woman of his dreams, or will the skeletons come crashing out of his closet and destroy the foundation he has worked so hard to create? Travel through the journey of treacherous deceit, ecstatic highs, military men standing up to corrupt governments, and men being an impenetrable wall between pure evil and the women they have sworn to protect.

The first book in a wonderful series highlighting the men and women who have, or do, serve in the military. This is not a stand-alone book.

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John Henley

John Henley


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