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Savannah the Zombie Slayer


Laurie Robertson


Science Fiction, Horror

Publish Date

October 31, 2021

Short Description

Alone and Abandoned

I exist in the bowels of hell, scraping up pieces of my heart while evading beasts and dangerous humans, but my survival has come at a cost—I harbor dark secrets. A wounded man calls to me in my dreams—he waits for me, and so I risk everything and begin a perilous journey in zombie land.


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I am Savannah—not a soul knows I exist.

After the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, many fall. Yet, in the rubble persists survivors and half-dead, merciless creatures searching for anything warm-blooded to eat. Human gangs terrorize streets filled with garbage and abandoned cars. Thankfully, my Tennessee knife pitching skills and rooftop garden have saved me.

How do I survive this nightmare and fend off a fate worse than death?

Nothing ever changes—that is, until today. I meet a man at the end of my gun barrel. How do I decide in seconds whether to let him go or not? Does trust count for anything in this chaotic world?

Time is running out.

To find a safer place, I venture alone into the deadly wilds of zombie land.

Author Laurie G. Robertson offers a fast-paced and cinematic zombie adventure novel. Alive: Savannah the Zombie Slayer, Book One is the perfect read for anyone who wants edge-of-your-seat action, spine-tingling thrills, and elements of slow-burn romance. Add it to your collection today!

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Laurie Robertson

Laurie Robertson


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