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Ah Boy!

Ah Boy!


Alan Stevenson



Publish Date

October 22, 2019

Short Description

A wickedly fun slice of English country life.


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Ah Boy! is Alan Stevenson’s first novel and is a comedic and bawdy farce set somewhere in rural England. Joe Wilkie is a simple country lad, immensely likeable but oh so incredibly naïve and totally innocent of the ways of the world. In fact, the world to Joe doesn’t much exist beyond his home village of Blessham. Life hasn’t been kind to Joe, at all, but he retains an attitude and optimism that would put most people to shame. However, things get much, much worse for him when both the woman he loves and his arch enemy convince him to grow something at his place of work that isn’t, shall we say, legal, and when those ‘plants’ are discovered Joe’s world is turned completely upside down. Join Joe in this hilarious and ribald romp through English country life where molehills, welly wanging, Morris men, rugby match brawls, excessive flatus, monstrous nobility and cannabis cultivation (it would seem) are just a normal way of life.

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Alan Stevenson

Alan Stevenson


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