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Ages of Aenya

Ages of Aenya


Nick Alimonos


Action and Adventure, Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Erotic, Mythological, Science Fiction

Publish Date

October 25, 2017

Short Description

Hunger drove her from home. Invasion from his. They are the last Ilmar, naked savages . . . Heroes. Discover a world with two moons and one Sea, where night and day can last forever and magic is inseparable from science. Journey to a place where cities wage wars for eons, religions are founded by time-traveling historians, and heroes wear nothing but sky.

World of Aenya


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Xandr is a recluse and a wanderer. Thelana, having lost her family to famine, survives in the slums as a thief. They are the last of the Ilmar, primitives shunned by society. But when a star falls from the heavens, only the secrets guarded by their people can save civilization from ruin. With the aid of Grimosse, an over-protective golem, and Emma, a young witch who talks to ravens, Xandr and Thelana must race to the frozen peaks of the Pewter Mountains before a second cataclysm reshapes their world.

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Nick Alimonos

Nick Alimonos


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