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A Warrior of Eden

A Warrior of Eden

A Coming-of-Age Science Fiction Novella


G. S. Kenney


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Psychological, Science Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

October 20, 2021

Short Description

Fiercely independent teen Karoline wants to prove herself worthy to join Eden’s resistance, which her father led until his death fighting the evil Black Lord’s army. When her domineering stepfather, the resistance’s new leader, secretly meets with a captain of the enemy army, Karoline suspects treachery.


Faced with a sinister plot that threatens not only her life and the captain’s, but also the future of all Eden, can she live up to her birthright?


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Is the man in charge of Eden’s resistance a traitor?


An off-world army led by the malevolent Black Lord is crushing Eden's farmers, burning their fields, and destroying their villages. Eden's people are pacifists, but if they don't resist the invaders, they will be forced to grow the cash crop the Black Lord is selling across the galaxy.


Fiercely independent teen Karoline wants to join the resistance. Her father was its bold, inspiring leader, who died fighting for Eden’s freedom. Defying the enemy is Karoline’s birthright. Her destiny.


But after her father’s death, another man took up the mantle of leadership and became her stepfather. Though Karoline is no longer a child, he treats her like one. Worse, she suspects his cold, controlling attitude is hiding something more sinister.

When her stepfather embarks on a journey that he explains in suspiciously vague terms, Karoline follows him to a clearing in the forest where he meets with a captain in the Black Lord’s army. Their conversation confirms her worst fears.


But she is captured by the soldiers before she can warn the Edenians of their leader’s treachery. Imprisoned in the enemy camp, she learns of a sinister plot deep within the heart of the army that threatens all of them.


Now, what began as her secret mission has become a desperate struggle for survival. Karoline finds an unlikely ally in the surprisingly honest captain. Determined to do the right thing, they face death together.


Read A Warrior of Eden to find out whether Karoline can fight for the resistance and save her beloved home planet from those who would enslave it. The fate of Eden hangs in the balance.

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G. S. Kenney

G. S. Kenney


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