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A Voracious Grief

A Voracious Grief


Lindsey Lamh


Fiction, Dark, Historical, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural, Religious, Psychological, Suspense

Publish Date

October 1, 2023

Short Description

Unable to carry on in London high society after their brother’s death, overprotective aristocrat Ambrose Bancroft and his increasingly unstable sister Mattie must retreat to their country estate where a mysterious room draws Mattie into another realm; but when Ambrose discovers the vanishing room is actually possessed by a demon, he must grapple with his failure to care for Mattie’s feelings before she’s lost to him forever.


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Ambrose Bancroft returns to London society with his younger sister, hoping they’ll leave ghosts of memory behind. They have only each other left. While Ambrose attempts to draw Mattie out, dragging her to balls and threatening to seek suitors for her, his sister recoils from his meddling. Finally, when Ambrose compels her to attend art class before she’s ready, Mattie paints something horrific enough to banish them from society in public disgrace.

At Linwood Manor, Mattie and Ambrose aren’t as alone as they think. Taking advantage of Mattie’s desperate need to find freedom, a vanishing room lures Ambrose’s sister into an illusory paradise. When Ambrose vows to get his sister back, by force if necessary, he finds himself up against an otherworldly power bent on her destruction and Mattie’s bitterness turned to hatred.

When Mattie commits the ultimate betrayal, Ambrose realizes he never stopped protecting her long enough to learn what she really wanted. But before he learns to let her go, Ambrose is broken in body and mind, far beyond his capacity to endure. When the dust settles, will Mattie be lost to him forever? Will Ambrose be the last of the Bancrofts?

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Lindsey Lamh

Lindsey Lamh


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