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A Vision To Die For

A Vision To Die For



Fiction, Action and Adventure, Military / War, Thriller

Publish Date

November 4, 2021

Short Description

Through its fast pace and skillful world-building, A Vision To Die For by M.R. Chaney delivers an extraordinary story and creative plot driven by an innovative and strong-willed main character. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends A Vision To Die For by M.R. Chaney. It’s an inventive, wholly original story with brilliant characters, astonishing descriptions of the settings and action scenes, and a convincing, adeptly composed plot. 5 Stars.


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Separated by the sudden outbreak of World War 3, one man will do whatever it takes to rescue the love of his life from behind enemy lines. But first, they must survive.

Tossed directly into the inferno of war, Harry has no choice but to team up with a ragtag group of friends, various rebels, and National Guardsmen to fight back against the invading force.


Given his first chance, Harry plans to cross the river between them and bring her back. Then they will escape to the freedom of the countryside. But things are never as simple as planned. The child certainly wasn’t planned. But he is important.


With the insurmountable forces against him, his love for her keeps him going through every thrilling twist and turn. But as enemy soldiers squeeze them deeper into the city, will their semi-automatic weapons, vengeance, and C-4 stash be enough to drive the commie invaders from the city? Or are they all doomed?

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