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A Time of Demons and Angels

A Time of Demons and Angels


Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Fiction, Horror, Humor Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Thriller

Publish Date

June 8, 2015

Short Description

If the end of days were here and you could see the demons behind human faces...would you pick up an angel's sword and fight the denizens of hell? Cassandra, her brother, and her friends would fight…and they did.


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If the end of days were here and you could see the demons behind human faces and an angel tells you he and his brethren will fight beside you and others like you to save the human race from damnation...would you pick up an angel's sword and fight the denizens of hell alongside the angels? Cassandra, her brother, and her friends have no choice but to fight for they are among the chosen to do so…and so they take the angels’ swords and they fight.

Since Cassandra Graystone was a child and her family perished in a fire she knowsand sees things other people don’t…when someone will die or that a demon lurks beneath a human skin. She sees phantoms. Yet she craves a simple life singing out with her musician brother, Johnny, and caring for her elderly aunt and uncle; to be with her friends, Sarah, a psychic, and Walter, a clown in a carnival circuit. But when Sarah sees apocalyptic events in her tarot cards and demons are everywhere, Cassandra fears she’s going insane or something terrifying is happening in the world.

Rayner, an ancient blood demon, lodges next door. He becomes obsessed with her. Never having felt pity or affection for a human before he believes he loves her, would die to protect her. The demon realm gathers for the final confrontation between us, Rayner warns. The apocalypse comes. You and your friends must prepare.

Cassandra flees that knowledge until an angelic being, Manasseh, appears. Your powers will grow. You must fight for humanity’s survival after the first wave is taken. Seek out others like you. Persuade them to join the battle. Only these can see and challenge the demons until the end when all eyes see them. She doesn’t want her life to change; doesn’t want to be a nomad who battles demons. Doesn’t want to be anyone’s protector. Until a tornado flattens Sarah’s house. Johnny’s apartment. There are monsters maiming and killing everywhere. Demons persecute her and those she loves, burn down her home and force her family and friends onto the road, as everywhere cataclysmic weather and signs of the end days make things hellish for humans. Cassandra and her friends can no longer deny their destinies. They must fight…or see the remnants of humanity engulfed in flames. Quote from a customer: "The best end of the world book I've ever read; no one could write a better one."

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Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Kathryn Meyer Griffith


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