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A Study In Murder

A Study In Murder

A Homes & Watkins Romantic Mystery


Arjay Lewis


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Contemporary

Publish Date

April 26, 2019

Short Description

Rival Sherlock Holmes writers end up as suspects in a murder. As the body count rises, can Holmesian techniques solve the crime and find true love?


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Writing rivals clash, but when her ex-husband ends up dead and he is a suspect, can they join forces?

Widower Mark Watkins and divorcee Sheryl Homes have written successful books featuring the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, and are fans of each other’s work. When the pair finally meet at a mystery conference, they argue and create a scene.

However, when Homes’s ex-husband is murdered, they are both brought in for questioning and Mark is a suspect. They decide to work together using Holmesian techniques to solve the crime. But, as the body count rises, the writers end up deeper in trouble with no solution in sight. They also discover a mutual attraction and sparks begin to fly.

Can they find the killer and stay out of jail? Is their new found passion for each other real and lasting?

If you enjoy a puzzle with a developing passion mixed with a bit of comedy, you will love this romantic mystery by husband and wife team, Debra Snow and Arjay Lewis.

Get A Study In Murder and fall in love with this mystery today!

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Arjay Lewis

Arjay Lewis


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