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A Red Dress

A Red Dress

Murder in the Green Mountain State


G.L. Taylor


Action and Adventure, Crime, Historical, Mystery, Police / Detective, Suspense, Fiction

Publish Date

December 2, 2020

Short Description

"A Red Dress" is the haunting biographical fiction about a brutal attack on two twelve-year-old girls in a quaint town in Rural Vermont. Police officer Ben Fields and his team undertake the desolate journey to solve the crime.


The author of this story is represented in this story as Officer Ben Fields. Although Officer Ben Fields is a fictitious character, created by the author, the author is a real person who spent forty-six years working as a police officer, a detective, a police commander and finished his career as an accomplished police chief, in northern Vermont.


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This book is a historical fiction. It is "Based on a True Story". This book is based on an actual crime that occurred in a quaint and peaceful Vermont community on an early Spring Day, in 1981.



This book is about a notoriously, violent attack on two twelve-year-old girls, in a small, neighborhood park, on May 15, 1981, in the sleepy Village of Waterford, Vermont.


The attack left one girl dead and the other fighting for her life, while the entire state of Vermont was shocked and aghast by this crime.


The reader of this book will learn about the brutal attack on two twelve-year old girls in a quintessential, community park, and then accompany police officer Ben Fields and his fellow officers on the journey to solve the crime and apprehend the suspect(s).

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G.L. Taylor

G.L. Taylor


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