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A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness by Tonya Ann

A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness by Tonya Ann

27 Lessons That Taught Me How to Create the Life I Always Wanted



Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Guide, Health and Fitness, How To, Self-Help

Publish Date

July 30, 2020

Short Description

"I finally did it . . . I found happiness and pure joy and it was in the last place I looked! I want to share these lessons with you in hopes that it sparks something within that allows you the same joy I am feeling. You are worthy and deserving of living the best life that you can imagine."

Tonya Ann was just like everyone else: a hard-working mom putting her head down every day to provide for her family. But what about her dreams? What about true love? Why did every day feel like a struggle to get through when she had so many plans for her future? In a world that is constantly pushing us for more, it can feel impossible to find purpose and meaning. And then she figured it out. A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness breaks down the hard lessons that Tonya had to learn in order to become her best self. By looking inward with vulnerability and a kind and forgiving heart, we can achieve anything. Tonya's 27 lessons show us how....



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A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness: 27 Lessons That Taught Me How to Create the Life I Always Wanted by Tonya Ann is a self-help guide full of wisdom on how to navigate and overcome everyday challenges.


Caught in the never-ending struggle of living by society’s standards while wishing she could find balance, author Tonya Ann felt trapped as she continuously worked to be the perfect citizen and have it all, as defined by society. Deep down she knew there had to be a better way of having the life she wanted. This incredible and thoughtful guide contains insightful lessons that she learned along the way. It begins by discussing the challenges and various syndromes that the author faced in her own life.


The first syndrome explained in the section is the sidekick syndrome which is defined as being in a situation where one feels that their needs are secondary to other people’s problems. In the second challenge, the heart on your sleeve syndrome, Tonya Ann shares the significance of paying attention to your intuition and how to use emotions as a guide. The work’s practical approach carries on throughout the text as it examines and shares insightful lessons regarding everyday topics such as parenting, friendship, marriage, and work relationships that any reader will relate to and find helpful. It also recommends and provides powerful tools for each situation. To work through one’s emotions, for instance, Tonya Ann advises listening to podcasts, reading, and talking to trusted friends. Organized into twenty-seven lessons, the guide is also comprehensive and discusses many other relevant topics that will help others find happiness as well. The first lesson explores the effects of fear and how the power of fear can be overcome. Other lessons also explore how to spread joy, how not to let guilt consume you, taking care of yourself, negativity and how to avoid it, and much more. Tonya Ann then shares personal anecdotes that amplify the messages and that also help explain the lessons. She writes in a gentle tone, encouraging her audience not to be too hard on themselves but to learn from the advice she shares to help improve their lives. The book’s messages are very uplifting such as when it explains how to identify other people’s insecurities and not let their demeaning remarks affect you.


A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness by Tonya Ann is an extensive, encouraging and esteemed book with valuable tools for achieving and maintaining true self-happiness.

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