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A Heart on the River

A Heart on the River


John Bauer


Fiction, Drama, Contemporary, Humor Fiction, Military / War, Psychological, Satire Fiction, Religious

Publish Date

November 15, 2020

Short Description

A satirical story with contemporary themes is presented in stream-of-conscious style. A cynical, middle-aged anti-hero struggles to sit at a "final" poker table while wrestling with his own weaknesses, and reflections about what is "right" vs. "wrong".


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Free will? God's will?

In the winter of 2011, Fred Woody Jr. deplanes in Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. He hungers for fame and fortune by winning a multi-million-dollar Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament.

Over the next three days, no obstacle will get in his way, or so he believes. Mishaps soon occur. Fred relives his personal misdeeds and pushes through many road bumps on his journey to the Atlantic City casino. Along the way, he meets several folks--some good, some bad, and some in-between. The choices he makes--both good and bad--define his every step.

Travel through the confines of Fred's mind. See the world through his eyes. Share his experiences and learn from them.

You won't find jingle bells or singing reindeer in this unique Christmas story, but you will discover a heart or two on the river.

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John Bauer

John Bauer


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