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A Halloween Night Caper

A Halloween Night Caper


Robin Hollo


Children's Books

Publish Date

August 23, 2021

Short Description

Rumors of a local witch have the town buzzing and this year there will be no treats, only tricks for Ms. Cruthers! Will there be trouble? What will be the fate of Robert, Kevin, Mrcy, Carl and Peter? Some mysteries will be solved, others will follow them a lifetime. Come join the excitement and suspense of their Halloween Night Caper!


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"A Halloween Night Caper" is a mysterious, spooky, and fun adventure! The Fall chill is in the air, an eerie breeze is blowing, and the town is filled with rumors of Old Ms. Cruthers who lives in a creepy house up on the hill. Swirling gossip and a dare leads 5 friends to play a Halloween prank on Ms. Cruthers. Join Robert, Kevin, Marcy, Carl, and Peter as they plan a Halloween night to remember!

Learn more about the adventures of Robert, Kevin, Marcy, Carl and Peter as the prepare for a Halloween night to remember!

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Robin Hollo

Robin Hollo


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