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A Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance

a paranormal romantic comedy of disasters


Minnette Meador


Paranormal and Supernatural, Action and Adventure, Fiction

Publish Date

October 24, 2022

Short Description

Keenan lives with ghosts... all of them! When he falls for the girl of his dreams, that's when the fun begins. Ghosts, and angels, and demons, oh my!


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Keenan is just your typical, everyday graphic designer. He eats, he drinks, he loves... and he lives with hundreds of pesky ghosts that only he can see. They make his life interesting in a Chinese curse sort of way. Enter Isabella, a witty, smoking hot co-worker who turns him into mush every time he gets near her. He's got it bad. But how can he win her over when he knows his fun-loving “friends” won’t leave it alone? Introduce a horny succubus who visits him on a nightly basis, an angry entity that's trying to kill him, and a burly city cop who wants to arrest him, and you have a comedy of disasters that takes this reluctant psychic and turns him into an even more reluctant hero. A Ghost Series Novel by Minnette Meador

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Minnette Meador

Minnette Meador


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