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A Fire to Kindle

A Fire to Kindle

Spirit Wind Book 1


Daniel Dydek


Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Religious, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

June 6, 2023

Short Description

What would it take for you to prove to the world that you belong–that your existence is not a curse? Find out in A Fire to Kindle as Rae-Anna discovers her calling and sets out on an epic journey both frightening and enlightening.


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This dark and mysterious tale of secrets and supernatural encounters will keep you on the edge of your seat. Outcast for being “cursed” with left-handedness, Rae-Anna is desperate to find a refuge in the convent outside of Holden, but a chance encounter in the catacombs sets her on a course strange to the Sisters and terrifying to her. As she desperately tries to learn why the blue fire alights her cursed hand and how she can be rid of it, she finds herself on a dangerous journey to discover the true cost of a life of faithfulness to The Beloved. With powerful emotions and a strong conflict, Rae-Anna must uncover the truth before it's too late.


A Fire to Kindle features a determined heroine, a medieval fantasy setting, a spiritual journey from a Christian worldview, and a touch of light horror. This engaging story is bound to resonate with readers who have felt the sting of rejection, the intentional wounds inflicted by false Christians, the unexpected betrayal of well-meaning mentors–or anyone who has been told they aren't good enough. In the end, there is hope–the hope of renewed relationships, a deeper foundation of faith, and a future overflowing with acceptance and love despite the perils that lie ahead.

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Daniel Dydek

Daniel Dydek


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