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A Face in the Moon

A Face in the Moon


Mitchell Waldman


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Publish Date

April 26, 2000

Short Description

The narrator of A FACE IN THE MOON, Jack Lohman, is an inexperienced twenty-two-year old, who was recently dumped by his first real girlfriend, and is soon to leave graduate school for who knows what. Enter Loni, a bright-eyed, free-spirited seventeen-year old who has had more than her share of experience. From the moment Jack meets Loni, his life begins to change. She teaches him how to laugh, and makes him feel, for perhaps the first time in his life, that he can be loved without judgment. Yet, ironically, it is Loni's harsh self-evaluation that paralyzes her at times, turning this carefree, uninhibited soul into a listless young woman who laments the days when life used to be more fun.  A FACE IN THE MOON is a story about two young lovers struggling to find each other and their ways in the world. And when a series of events keeps them apart longer than expected it becomes the story of whether their new love can survive the pressures of such separation.


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In A Face In The Moon, Mitchell Waldman creates an interesting character study of two lost souls. The two main characters, Jack and Loni, are richly drawn, multi-faceted people with complex issues that bring them together and pull them apart. . . . This novel is full of riches, atmosphere and scenery, plot, excellent dialogue, and strong but flawed main characters delighted the senses of this reader. Other reviewers have called A Face In The Moon, "A Catcher In The Rye grown up." That very well may be true.  -- Michelle Tercha, at Selling Writing Online

A Face in the Moon may be an eye-opener for readers not themselves of Jack Lohman's generation. -- Bob Koch, WXXI-FM Radio

A Shakespearean-like tale with a twist. A story readers won't soon forget -- Patricia Ann Jones, Critic's Corner, August, 2001

A fine read, and well worth your time. -- Denise M. Clark, The Road to Romance, March, 2003

An emotionally deep story...[that] demonstrates Mitchell Waldman's tremendous talent for genuine characters in real life settings... -- Harriet Klausner, at, among other places,

An intense emotional, compelling read. . . a book that... everyone could enjoy reading, no matter what their usual preferences. -- Booknet, September, 2001

Excellent read! Very highly recommended. A well written, entertaining work. -- Molly Martin, Scribes World, October, 2001

Intensely introspective . . . spans a spectrum of emotions from ecstasy to despair . . . [does well] in mak[ing] an emotional connection with readers. -- P.J. Nunn, The Charlotte Austin Review, July, 2000

It's a harsh reality to know what's in this book happens in real life. Read with open heart and mind. -- Lisa at the Book Review Cafe, April, 2002

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Mitchell Waldman

Mitchell Waldman


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