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A Chance to Say Yes

A Chance to Say Yes


Tina Murray


Fiction, Mystery

Publish Date

October 8, 2021

Short Description

A Chance to Say Yes is a glitzy, romantic mystery novel set in wealthy Naples, Florida. It is the first book in the Heston Demming series. Paperback, $15.99/E-bppk. $4.99


PLEASE NOTE: This is the newly released reprint edition. The publisher is Speaking Volumes LLC. The first editin was published in 2008 by ArcheBooks. The reprint has a new cover. Three more novels in the series will be published by Speaking Volumes.



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A Chance to Say Yes--
Heston Demming series / Book 1

In Search of a Safe Harbor...

Finally, after years of struggle, Heston Demming is at the peak of his acting career—a Hollywood heartthrob, his handsome face on every tabloid. When he comes home to Naples, Florida, his opulent lifestyle is a declaration of victory over the poverty and hardship of his youth. But his triumphant return is a sham, a lie he's told himself to keep from facing the truth.

The truth is, his life is falling apart. It's as though he is standing on the beach in the edge of the surf, each wave washing more sand from beneath his feet. And, with nothing solid to hang onto, he is going down.

Then one “real” person comes back into his life, Poppy Talbot. The woman left behind in his quest for money and fame. Poppy still has the same sweetness as she did when they were love-struck teenagers. She could save him—if he could get her to forgive the past and win her trust...

In Search of Escape...

All the years Heston was away, Poppy Talbot dreamed of seeing him again. And had vivid nightmares about it. About the consequences. Poppy has a long-kept secret—a soul-deep secret.

One, which, if she lets Heston back into her life, is certain to rip them apart...

Set in sophisticated, tropical Naples, Florida. A Chance to Say Yes takes you inside the volatile private life of the exclusive beachfront community's most celebrated son.

"There's so much fakery in Hollywood, it's hard to go back to being real... A Chance to Say Yes is a novel of facing the mistakes of one's past, highly recommended." 5 stars—Midwest Book Review

"In A Chance to Say Yes, Tina Murray skillfully portrays an elite world jam-packed with romance, glamour, lust, greed, deception, betrayal, and surprising twists and turns to keep you captivated to the very last word." —Jane Kennedy Sutton Author of The Ride

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Tina Murray

Tina Murray


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