Bitten Again Book 2

Bitten Again Book 2


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Dark, Fantasy, Mystery

Publish Date

April 21, 2020

Short Description

Natalia has become part of the Viperian community. She has changed from the naive, over-protected teenager, to a knife slinging lady to be reckoned with. But not all is good in Hell or Viperia. The vigilantes who brought down the Church, now have their eyes on Sherri, a top Council member. Unfortunately, Natalia’s man, Uri, is one of them, and the evidence isn’t supporting their attack on Sherri. Natalia finds herself having to decide if she’s rooting for the wrong team and what happens if she’s right… What happens when bad may be good… good could be evil… and sex is always a weapon?


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Natalia felt him lick her shoulder. She felt his fangs pierce her skin. He seemed to be moving in slow motion. She felt the injection of the venom, and how it seeped like a wave of heat through her body. He licked her shoulder again, sealing in the venom.

His hands moved to slowly unbutton her blouse. Whenhe slipped it off her, she noted the time was almost one am. She wished he would speed up his slow dance of taking her clothes off.However, she breathed in his scent and waited, knowing it was only going to get better.

He took her bra off, letting it drop to the floor, and traced her breasts with a finger.

“Do you remember?” Uri said.

“The first time you bit me?”

“Yes. That was a special day. Almost as special as today.”

“How so?”

“That was the day I picked you up.”


“Two months ago to the day. Almost to the time.”

He unzipped her skirt, and it fell to the ground. She helped him take off his own shirt and unbuckle his belt. The musky smell of him intensified. She ran a hand across his chest.

“Why was it almost as special as today?”

“It was my birthday,” he said. “That day I picked you up.”

“I didn’t know.”

“You were a wonderful birthday present,” he said, inhaling deep into her hair.

“Why is today special?”

“I’ll tell you later. You’re not going to remember anything here in a moment.”

“Remember what?

Uri seemed to pull a knife out of nowhere and cut off her panties.

“I don’t remember that,” she said.

He smiled and pushed her backward onto the bed.

She edged herself all the way up, wanting him badly. He dropped his pants and crawled on top of her. She raised herself up to him, but he teased her with just a touch. Her breathing was getting fast.

“Don’t waste it,” she said in a breath.

However, he waited another few seconds while he teased her before he slid in to her.

Natalia moved with him, feeling the same passion and excitement as the first time. She wanted it to go on forever, but he brought her to an orgasm. She didn’t remember him finishing while she panted to catch her breath. Then, they were spooned together in a warm embrace.

Natalia opened her eyes. There was sunlight coming around the curtains.

“Are we going in late today?” she said, astonished at how fast the night went.

It was Friday. Of late, Uri had been going to work early on Fridays, instead of late.

“We’re taking today off,” he said.


“It’s a special day.”


“You’ll figure it out,” he said, cuddling up to her.

“What are we doing today?”

“We’ll discuss it at breakfast.”

“How long are we lazing in bed?”

“Until you have to pee,” he said.

She laughed. “That would be right about now.”

He whipped the covers off of her and pulled her out of bed. In the shower, he was extra attentive to her. She now loved how he lathered her up. It was like a gentle body massage.

He rinsed and stepped out, so she could finish. She knew he was shaving while she rinsed and washed her face. He handed her a towel when she was done.

She stepped out to dress, no longer wearing a towel for modesty. Uri was dressing in jeans. He had a pair laid out for her. She started dressing, while he finished. Then, he left the bedroom, going downstairs. That was uncharacteristic of him since he always walked down the stairs with her while holding her hand. She dressed faster wondering what was going on.

She slipped on her shoes before trotting down the stairs to the dining room. Uri was there sipping tea. On her plate, instead of breakfast was a small wrapped present.

“Happy Birthday,” Uri said.

Natalia smiled wide.

“You remembered.”

She was actually surprised he even knew.

“This is the most important birthday you’ll ever have,” he said.

“Why?” She sat down to unwrap the present.

“You’re officially eighteen and an adult. The police will no longer be looking for you. Your parents will no longer look for you, and they can’t make the police look for you or even get a private agency to look for you. You are independent and on your own.”

Under the wrapping was a plain brown box. She opened it to find a key.

“What’s this for? The house? So, I can come and go?” She shrugged because the house had a code to punch in to open the doors and she already knew it.

Uri smiled. “Also, you are now two months along and doing exceptionally well.”

“Key?” She held it up while raising her eyebrows.

“Cars usually require a key,” he said.

“Bonnie controls the limo. The key to the other car hangs on the hook in the garage. I don’t need my own key.”

“You do for your own car,” he said.


She rose in haste and headed to the garage. There in the first stall was a two-door sports car. She knew it was an expensive one.

“It’s not black,” she said with relief.

“I figured you would like blue,” he said.

“It’s beautiful.”

She noted it was marked with the red V which meant all Viperians would know it was a Viperian car. The windows were also tinted.

“I asked Bonnie to give you driving lessons, and she threatened to quit.”

“She did not,” shesaid, knowing Bonnie would do anything for her.

“So, instead, I signed you up for lessons. If you go through the course, it’s easier to get your driver’s license. Class starts tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? I have so much homework.”

“You’re doing fine,” hesaid. “It’s only half a day tomorrow, then you have an hour of driving all next week, ending with more driving and the driver’s test on Saturday.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it, then you will have an official driver’s license which will take the place of your city ID card. They all look the same except it will have a D on it to designate your driver’s license.”

“Can we go for a drive?”

“Let’s have breakfast, then I’ll take you for a ride.”

“I’m too excited now.”

He grabbed her hand, pulling her back into the house. Mag was putting their plates in place. The aroma of bacon surrounded them.

“Happy Birthday,” Mag said with a smile.

“My favorite breakfast,” Natalia said. “Bacon and eggs.”

“We’re not going anywhere until the bacon’s gone,” Uri said, sitting at his plate and snarfing down a piece of bacon.

Natalia sat and grabbed her own piece. She savored the salty fat with sips of sanguine tea. However, she noted she only had half a glass, and Uri had none.

“What’s up with the sanguine tea?” she said. “I usually get a full glass. I don’t need as much any more?”

Uri swallowed his mouthful.


Mag stepped in.

“Why is Nattie only getting half a glass of sanguine tea?”

“There’s a shortage. We only have so much to make it through the next couple of days. They say we’ll get a delivery in three days.”

“I wonder what’s up with that?” hesaid. “Don’t they know we have a pregnancy going on here?”

“They know, but everyone is affected. We only received the last delivery because of Nattie. Some are going without.”

Uri shook his head with some frustration.

Natalia dug into her eggs, alternating with bites of bacon.