Alpha Yin And Yang

Alpha Yin And Yang


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

January 27, 2022

Short Description

Catty knows she is a werewolf that transforms during a full moon. However, because of a talisman, she can transform at will and keep some of her human senses. This talisman gives her other powers, and she must always keep it with her. She is a lone white wolf in a big city. But there are others. She sees them, but avoids them. Her mother had prophesied her destiny, but before she could tell her, vanished. It’s been sevenyears since her mother disappeared. Catty doesn’t see much of a future until a big black wolf finds her and follows her. Now the only future she sees is fear and a life of running. She has to figure out what is bad and what is good in a world where bad and good can be one and the same. Catty has to figure out what she can and can’t do. Her talisman didn’t come with an instruction manual.


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Cattysquatted and peed in the dust at her usual spot inthe park. The horizon hinted at the glow of a full moon, but the moon wasn’t visible yet. She knew hertransformation wouldn’t occur until it fully breached the horizon, but she didn’t dally. With the mud puddle forming from her pee, she touched the chain that was fastened around her neck. It would transform into a dog collar when she transformed into a wolf. Her touch caused the two dog tags that had been invisible to appear. One tag was the rabies tag. Most people ignoredloose dogs when they wore collars with that tag. The other had her home address on it and a phone number to call, just in case someone was crafty enough to catch her. Nestled between the two tags was the gem she always wore that was her talisman. The spirit trapped within guided her and provided her with a few powers she hoped gave her an advantage over any others. She knew there were others out there.

She felt the stretching and tingling that marked the beginning of her transformation. While her clothing dissolved into thick fur as white as her white blonde hair, she placed her hands on the ground, preparing to turn quadrupedal. Her eyes tingled, and she knew they were changing to yellow. She wiggled her jaw, feeling the canine teeth grow.

Her sense of smell heightened and she could smell her pee, and all the hormones she was secreting. She knew the smell would make her roll in it, which would dull down her brilliant white coat. A white wolf in Lincoln Park at night would stand out. She preferred to remain hidden.

Her nose also picked up the scent of deer just as the last of her human logic dissipated and the intense instinct to hunt and survive kicked in. However, the caution remained with her that with high hormones, she might attract the interestof the other wolves.

The sound of padded feet drew her immediate attention. She moved only her eyes toward the sound. A late night jogger passed her with a dog on a leash. The dog didn’t even register her presence since she had tucked herself well into the shadows. A faint breeze blew toward her, allowing her to smell the dog and jogger. The man was sweating and breathing hard. She sniffed again to catch the scent of fear, but it wasn’t coming from him.

“Hurry up. We gotta be out of the park.”

Two more men walked by fast. She had heard them coming, but hadn’t felt concerned.

“You ain’t superstitious, are you? Werewolves and vampires? Hee hee.”

“I don’t care what they are. There were four murders during the last full moon. All of them in this park.”

Both men broke into a jog.

Catty caught the scent of wolves. Her eyes focused on two gray wolves that were discreetly following the men on silent paws. She knew they were hardly visible to the human eye since they kept to the shadows.

Too late, she thought. You two didn’t get out of the park soon enough.

She felt disconcerted that wolves were already out hunting. The moon was hardly up. She knew they must have scoped out the park and found a target before they transformed, which must have been recent.

Now fully transformed herself, she slunk out of the shadows to the path to catch the wolves’ trail. Like a bloodhound on a scent, she followed it back. She learned long ago that when most werewolves transformed, their clothingshed off, which meant when they returned to being human, they were naked. This knowledge often resulted in a wallet or two if she could find where they shed their clothes.

She easily located the clothing in some heavy bushes. Unfortunately, these were experienced wolves. She found only shoes, shorts, and t-shirts. Her mind put together the thought that they were probably acting like joggers before they transformed.

Her canine sense of survival directed her away from pee marking the clothing. She needed to remain undetected. Without a pack of her own, she had no protection.

She padded out of the brush to head deeper into the park. If she was lucky, the other wolves would stay near the lake, hunting deer, rabbits, and unlucky joggers. Although wolves didn’t use to hunt humans. It was only this year that she had seen people become the target of wolves.

A hundred feet off the last paved path, she hit the dark woods. She sensed a rabbit, but passed it by. Musty earthy smells swelled around her. The city lights disappeared the deeper she went. When she reachedthe clearing in the center, she could see stars overhead.

“No, please.”

Catty stopped at the sound of the whimper.

“Kneel. Pray for me, you bitch.”

The first had been a female voice. The second a male.

Damn rapist, Catty thought, deciding to break it up. They were interloping on her night.

She approached the two people as if she was on a hunt, staying down wind. Only the sounds and scents of the two people hit her senses. She couldn’t see them yet.

She froze.

Two shadowy figures moved swiftly through the trees to the right of her. They weren’t human. Two more passed her on the other side. She couldn’t tell if they hadn’t seen or smelled her or if they were just ignoring her in order to get to the people first.

That didn’t matter to her. She backed up and went the other way and skirted around the clearing until she reached the south end, where she paused.

Screams filled the air.

Catty knew neither person would survive. The wolves would kill the man outright. The woman might become the object of lust for one or all of the wolves before they opened her throat.

She changed directions again and skirted around the woods. Fairy lights appeared around the trees in the form of glowing mushrooms. She ignored them.

Four deer almost cut her off, causing her to halt abruptly and drop flatto the ground. She knew something was chasing them. A moment later, three shadows flashed past. As soon as they were out of sight, she rose and ran.

The trees thickened into closely growing saplings as she neared the river. Closer to the bank, the reed beds started. She cautiously stepped into them. However, the sound of movement caused her to freeze again. She sniffed the air to determine what it was, but it was downwind from her. The sound didn’t register as another wolf. To her, it sounded like a deer.

She stalked closer.

A deer blew.

Catty kept going. The breeze shifted, and she smelled fear. A few steps further, and she could see it was a yearling doe, separated from the herd. The doe stamped down the reeds in a panicked show of defiance to frighten everything else away. She spun in a slow circle. Catty could see the doe had learned to hide in the reeds and thought it was safest. Not tonight, Catty thought. She took two more steps and lunged.

She landed hard on the doe’s back. The doe’s legs buckled, sending them both to the ground. Catty rolled with the deer and her teeth found its throat. Blood flooded her mouth, enhancing the adrenaline flowing through her body.

As soon as the deer breathed its last, she released its neck to tear into the belly. Her goal was the heart. If that was the only piece she could get, she would be happy. She knew shewouldn’t have the kill to herself for long.

Her entire head was inside the deer when she reached the heart. She savagely tore it out beforepulling her head out of the body cavity.Between chews, she listened hard. She knew blood covered her entire head and shoulders, which muted her sense of smell.

She swallowed a large chunk, but caught the sounds of movement coming her way. Grabbing up the remaining chunk of heart, she bolted.

Catty ran hard until she was some distance away. She only paused a moment to catch her breath before she snarfed down the rest of her treat. While it was only a pound of meat, it was enough to satisfy her craving.

Her nose caught a scent beneath the odorof blood. She looked up to see two red, glowing eyes. That was all she could see. The body behind the eyes was as black as the shadows.

The eyes approached enough that Catty could see this was a huge black wolf. She backed a step, showing submission and tucking her tail between her legs. The last t