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Vanna Nguyen

About The Author

As a young child, Vanna Nguyen enjoyed a prestigious life in South Vietnam until the country’s fall to Communism in 1975. After risking her life for the dream of freedom, she fled to the United States where she became a citizen and raised her two daughters, Anna and Queena.

Life was perfect until 18-year-old Queena was brutally attacked and raped while dropping books off at the local library. As a result of the attack, Vanna lost not only her once-thriving small business, but she also lost her beloved daughter as she knew her.

Today, Vanna is a tireless advocate for Queena’s rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury sustained during the attack. Vanna manages the popular Join Queena website and official social media accounts.

Vanna was compelled to write her memoir The Life She Once Knew to share her journey as a refugee and as a mother whose daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury. Vanna hopes her story will inspire others and will imbue them with strength.

Vanna Nguyen


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