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Tricia D. Wagner

About The Author

Tricia D. Wagner is an award-winning novelist, poet, and short story writer. She grew up in Amarillo, Texas, chasing storms, riding stallions, sojourning through painted canyons, disappearing into floating mesas under starry skies.

She now lives in Rockford, Illinois (though the truth is she’s a citizen of a dozen fictional countries.) Tricia works in higher education and lives day to day wonderstruck but luckily can feel her way about this terrifying, beautiful Earth through writing.

Tricia is the creator of Swift and author of the Star of Atlantis young adult literary fiction series. She also has pieces published in Write City Magazine, Chicago Newa, Word of Art 3D, Literary Yard, and Midwest Review.

Tricia D. Wagner


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Short Stories by the Author

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Books by the Author

The Star of Atlantis
The Strider and the Regulus
Night Swiftly Falling
Sea of Glass
Where Fish Can Breathe
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